Miniature Yorkie


Miniature Yorkie Or Toy Yorkie

A miniature yorkie is not a different or another breed of dog, is used to refer to smaller yorkshire or below standard

Standard and toy are different races?

The AKC and other canine organizations, only recognize one breed that is yorkshire terrier, with a size that covers a range between 2 and 5 kg adult. This race is located within the so-called "breeds of toy dog", characterized by being small breed's size, here are the called "dogs", enrich for company. "If you have navigated the internet and visited Web sites of different Yorkshire Terrier breed, as well as official sites for the yorkie breed, you may have observed that many refers Yorkshire terrier standard and other toy, teacup or miniature yorkie."

What is a toy yorkshire or miniature yorkie?
Within the yorkshire terrier breed, obviously, depending on the size of the parents and the blood line, increasingly smaller yorkies or miniature be conceived. They are very popular as a companion dog, since people considers that the smaller your dog will be more easy to carry travel, put it in a bag etc. Must be borne in mind that to dog shows, the yorkshire terriers that are presented are of standard size, since that a yorkie from 4 or 5 kg, has a lovely port and a unique presentation to a toy of 2 kg. Therefore say that miniature yorkie is not a different race, is a feature used to name a small size yorkies, usually between 1.8 and 2.5 kg.

How do i know if a yorkshire is toy? What inconvenience has a miniature yorkie?
Unfortunately, many farms and shops, in their eagerness to sell and fulfill the requests of the customers, present their yorkshire as thumbnails, or dwarves, without worrying that the dog meets the true qualities of the breed, more than its size. Not be fie of those that generalize selling their puppies as toys, or assuring that it will be a real miniature. If you are looking for a yorky's small size, by necessity or that he likes as well, trying to find a recognized breeder of the race, who in addition to a healthy and beautiful, yorkshire can give you the smallest in a litter.

Are the smaller yorkshire weaker?
It is not that, it is evident that the first weeks of life, are much smaller, more sensitive lists to decreases in glucose, malnutrition etc. One of the main problems in the first days of life, is the smallest puppy of the litter, usually to be displaced by the more large when they want to suck mother. When they have several months, they are sensitive to downturns from sofas, chairs or own arms, as well as a standard, but with greater danger to the smaller size of the yorkie. The miniature yorkie are more susceptible to shock hypoglycemic (drop of sugar in the blood). Some toy breeds suffer from hypoglycemia as a metabolic disorder and the Yorkshire terriers belong to this group.